How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers Permanently

If you think that getting rid of the woodpecker is that easy, think again. You will need to conduct a comprehensive control strategy while making sure that no live creatures will be harmed during the process. The common deterrents such as the sticky resins are not advisable since it can damage the feather of the creature. Since San Diego woodpeckers are protected, you might find yourself in a legal battle if you chose this method.

Tips to Get Rid of the Woodpeckers Permanently
Apart from the legal repercussions that you may face when you accidentally hurt the San Diego woodpecker, you will also have to settle a $500 fine. You should have the capacity to handle your woodpecker problem in the most cautious manner. In this article, we outlined some of the control strategies that you may employ. We’ve highlighted some of the direct and indirect method to get rid of them permanently.

There are two reasons why woodpeckers drum, first is to mark their territory and the other is to collect foods. In case the drumming is during the spring season, there is a good possibility that the woodpecker is marking your house as their territory. In case the drumming persists during the summer months, then the wood pecker is perhaps looking for food. It is necessary to understand their behavior before you perform any preventative measure.

Address Your Pest Infestation
By now, you understand that the drumming of the wood pecker is mostly related with the fact that they are hunting their food. In order to put an end to this, you will need to find a solution to your other infestation. The woodpecker will often invade our house due to the presence of insect. Be sure that your house is free from carpenter ants and carpenter bees before dealing with your woodpecker issue. Try to repair any damages found in your house.

Scare Them with Visual Deterrents
Using visual deterrent may be an effective way to drive the California woodpeckers away from your house. These repellents are anything that reflects lights or moves when the wind blows. Most local bird control agency will be selling a replica of predatory birds that can easily frighten the woodpecker. However, this will only be a temporary solution. You should hang them in the area that is being damaged by the woodpecker. There will come a time that the bird will become familiar with these deterrents.

Netting Materials
Just like any birds, using nets would be the best way to prevent the woodpeckers from gaining an access to your property. You can use plastic nettings that you can purchase on your local hardware store. You may also use hardware cloth that can be painted in order to complement the aesthetic feature of your house. For those who don’t want to exert too much effort, netting would be the best solution.

There are also ways on how you can minimize the damage of the woodpecker. You can paint your house with a paint that is made from polyurethane to prevent the carpenter bees and other insects from boring to the wood surface of your house.

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