What Do Raccoons Eat

The assorted diet of the raccoons allows them to survive in different types of environment. In fact, their average meal will largely depend upon the area where they live. They will collect their meals in residential communities, wild habitat, and sometimes inside our houses. When the raccoons are located in the wild, they prefer to eat small mammals and birds. They also love to eat meals that are easy to forage such as eggs, insects, berries, and nuts. For the San Diego raccoons that are near the water, they can catch amphibians, fish, reptiles, and shellfish.

The Regular Meal of the Raccoons
Raccoons are resourceful and wise creatures. This helps them survive in a diverse environment. They can live in the wild, urban settings, hot climate and cold areas. The teeth of the raccoon are designed to grind meat and tear the plants. Here are some of the favorite meals of the raccoons according to their habitat.

In the Wild
The California raccoons that live in the wild and wooded areas are skillful in utilizing their paws. They may use this to steal eggs and hatchlings from the nest of the birds and catch fish. They also love the taste of the fruits in the wild. In some cases, the San Diego raccoons can also attack large prey. Most of the time, they prefer meals that do not require too much effort. This may include fruits, nuts, vegetables, and plants. They will also dig the ground and tree trunks to look for insects. Worms and frogs are also a staple part of their diet when in the wild.

In the Cities
If the raccoon lives in the densely-populated areas, it would be a challenge to find the things that they commonly eat in the wild. Those who are located in an urban setting have become completely dependent to human to survive. In some instances, the squirrels, rodents, eggs may still be available but normally it will be limited. In order to make up for the scarcity of the food supply, they will rummage our trash bins and look for leftovers. They will steal the food of our pets and those who are bold enough will approach the human in order to beg them for food.

The capacity of this creature to collect, ingest, and digest various types of meal allows them to survive in a diverse type of setting. Normally, other species will find this challenging. In fact, simply relocating a particular species to another setting can lead to their demise. When in a controlled facility, the raccoon can live as much as 20 years but their life expectancy when in the wild is expectedly shorter. In the wild, this creature will need to be wary of their natural predator. However, the common cause of their death in their natural habitat would be due to hunters and distemper outbreaks.

Raccoons are omnivores creatures like humans. They are skilful when it comes to manipulating things using their paws. They also have the capacity to digest wide range of foods. This allows them to thrive in diverse type of settings.

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