What do Mice Eat and Drink

Mice are known to eat any food item that they will come across. However, mice are still categorized as herbivores. If possible, they prefer to eat plant-based diet such as seeds, fruits, grains, and oats. Once they are hungry and the plants are not available, they will eat anything to survive. In fact, there are instances when they will eat their tails. In this article, we will discuss some of the common things that they eat that will help you choose the best bait to get rid of them.

Foods that the Mice Eat
There are some species of mice such as the grasshopper San Diego mouse and the white-foot mouse that love to eat insects like grasshopper. They will also hunt the smaller type of rodents. These types of mice are very adept in hunting. The mice that live in the urban setting are completely dependent to human. They are not picky on the things they eat and will grab any possible sources of food. Perhaps the best place to look for their food would be the garbage.

Wild Mice
The wild mice will look for any kinds of vegetations that are available. The seeds and fruits that they will eat will depend upon the season and the accessibility. During the winter season or the months when the fruits are not available, they will gnaw on the bark and roots of the trees. They also love to eat potato, corns, and oats. The wild mice that are found near the farm will not only eat the leftovers and scraps that are found in the trash. They will also attack the crops that are grown in the area.

Pet Mice
There are California mouse foods that are available in the pet store. It may come in a grain or a pellet form. Check if the food is specifically designed for pet mouse and not on guinea pigs and hamsters. This will help you guarantee the safety of the foods. In the event that you run out of San Diego mouse food, you can feed them with variety of grains such as oats, barley, wheat, and corn. Perhaps the safest foods that are available are the mixture of seeds and grains that are manufactured specifically for pet mice.

Baby Mice
The baby mice will be dependent to their mother. The mother provides them with milk on a regular basis. After a few days, the mice will begin to grow and they can start mixing different foods to their diet like bread and wheat. The things that they will eat will also depend upon the availability. While they cannot hunt foods on their own, the mother will be responsible in bringing them with foods until such time that they can already look for their own meals. These are just some of the common foods that the mice eat. If you are using a trapping device, understand that its efficacy will be determined by the proper placing and the bait that you will use. Pay attention to the list of foods that they eat that we mentioned above when looking for effective bait.

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